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Rule 34
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Number 305
Date Aug. 20th 2007
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Rule 34 is the 305th xkcd comic.


"The Rules of the Internet" is a list of general bruh moment and consensuses of the internet. Rule 34 states that "There is porn of it. No exceptions". This means that you can think of anything at all, and somethere on the internet, there will be some form of porn centered around it. This applies to The Wizard of Oz, people eating pizza hanging upside down, etc. The male character points out that, since there are an infinite number of things happening in the world, and a finite amount of hard drive space in the world, this could not possibly be true. One example that hasn't been created yet it nude people playing electric guitar in a shower. The characters in the comic – and soon after, the comic's creator Randall Munroe – register wetriffs.com, which contains such pornography, thus proving Rule 35: "The exception to Rule 34 is that if no porn has been made of it yet, it will be eventually."

Mouseover text[]

"Okay, Lance. For entry into the college bowl, spell 'Throbbing'"

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