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Argument Victory
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Number 1081
Date Jul. 13th 2012
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Argument Victory is the 1081st xkcd comic.


Two people that get their facts from the internet argue about a subject using flawed logic to support their point, but only one of them has a water slide in their home.

Or, two people get their facts from sources that differ radically in their reliability. Wikipedia, although imperfect, has standards for sourcing information enforced by a vast community of contributors that weed out most of the craziness. Snopes is a well-known and respected site for debunking urban legends and other types of reports with questionable authenticity. Journal articles usually means peer-reviewed journal articles, works of academic research that were published only after two or three independent readers with matching scientific expertise verify that the report appears sound. One uses these better sources, becomes convinced there is nothing more that needs attention, leaves the house, and by text message "wins" by getting to enjoy a waterslide. The other falls for the trap that on the Internet, where all voices are equally loud, shaky claims from shady websites can feel as consuming as real fact.

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"Really, the comforting side in most conspiracy theory arguments is the one claiming that anyone who's in power has any plan at all."

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